Corinna Luce is a London-based photographer and artist, experimenting with photography, collages and painting techniques.

Her career began as a fashion and commercial photographer and carried on till the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Following the pic of that worldwide felt experience and a profound transformative process of deconstruction of the self, she redirected her interest toward major issues like climate change, and human and civil rights.

Her background in psychology studies instructs her to focus on the disconnection between humankind and nature, as a multifaceted phenomenon representing both a core cause and a normalised effect of our system. In modern economic structures, concepts like thriving and continuous growth are based on quantity rather than sustainability and balance, according to nature. On a finite planet, this translates into competition within humans for space and resources at the cost of any other species while also causing environmental degradation. To support and fulfil these structures political and social fabric are tailored to make everyone’s pace adapt often by limiting physical and, more subtle, psychological freedom. We direct a substantial part of the scientific research and technological evolution as means to win this fool human race. Words like ‘survival’ have been stigmatised and others like ‘abundance’ are today instrumentalized. All is done in the name of evolution but aiming at maintaining the unnatural growth and pace.

Through photography and art practices Corinna aims at picturing common issues and proposed solutions to a defective system that requires to be brought back to natural rhythms in order to guarantee a continuous, balanced and worthwhile existence.